Discovering, Conserving and Enhancing our Special Natural Environment

Formed by local people for local people, Wild Roseland covers the five parishes of Gerrans, Philleigh, Ruan Lanihorne, St Just in Roseland and Veryan.

We are a group of volunteers who care about looking after our nature and helping others to discover and enjoy Wild Roseland.




Assess and monitor the special natural environment that we have on the Roseland to better understand, protect and conserve it.
Inspire visitors and local people to discover and enjoy the Roseland’s nature and biodiversity by providing information and other opportunities to learn more, for all.
Initiate conservation projects and activities to conserve and develop the Roseland’s habitats and natural environment; and to work with other organisations to complement their initiatives.

Small Copper butterfly - Photo Sarah Vandome

Ferns being orchestral - Photo - Sarah Vandome

Red Anemone - Photo - Sarah Vandome

Photo of the Month

Newly hatched Dragonfly- Photo Keith Fisher

Idea of the Month

Tell us what you see!

Wildlife recording has never been easier: the ORKS App

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has just launched a mobile app to make recording all wildlife so much quicker and easier. This new ORKS App allows you to record wildlife sightings while out and about, even if you don’t have wifi or a mobile data signal. It prompts you for the essential information needed, uses your phone's GPS to note the location, allows you to add photos using your phone’s camera, and  then upload to the ORKS website when you are ready. It also guides you through set up when you install it. The ORKS App is available for free download on iPhone and Android. 

Other ways to send in information about what you have seen.

If apps are not your thing, then you have two other alternatives:
1. Print out an ORKS form by clicking on the link below. Fill in the details and send it off in the post.!AjbgZK9VDA8ageQA1kw_ADkXFRCQHQ 

2.  Go to and submit your records. You can do this without having an account by going to ‘add records’ in the menu bar. If you set up an account then you still add records but it gives you more options including exploring your records, and downloading information.

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