About us

In the early days Wild Roseland was a loose group of volunteers who got together with a common purpose. However, in order to be able to access some funding and grant sources, and to manage income and expenditure, we have had to establish a more formal organisation (as an Unincorporated Association).
A group of founding members has drafted and a Constitution as a basis for this, which is downloadable here. An interim Committee is organising a General Meeting to elect the full Committee – nominations will be open in due course.

Who's who

  • David Hall:
    Founder and Chairman
  • Colin Hastings:
    Secretary & Communications & Publicity
  • Carol Hughes:
  • Sarah Vandome:
    Roseland Online, Nature Notes & Features editor
  • Position Vacant:

    Walks, Talks and Events (Can you help)

  • Graham Webb:
    Mapping and data collation
  • Vacant:
    Volunteer coordinator


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