Discovering, Conserving and Enhancing our Special Natural Environment

Formed by local people for local people, Wild Roseland covers the five parishes of Gerrans, Philleigh, Ruan Lanihorne, St Just in Roseland and Veryan.

We are a group of volunteers who care about looking after our nature and helping others to discover and enjoy Wild Roseland.




Assess and monitor the special natural environment that we have on the Roseland to better understand, protect and conserve it.
Inspire visitors and local people to discover and enjoy the Roseland’s nature and biodiversity by providing information and other opportunities to learn more, for all.
Initiate conservation projects and activities to conserve and develop the Roseland’s habitats and natural environment; and to work with other organisations to complement their initiatives.

Small Copper butterfly - Photo Sarah Vandome

Ferns being orchestral - Photo - Sarah Vandome

Red Anemone - Photo - Sarah Vandome

Photo of the Month

Cobwebs - Photo by Cerwyn Brown

Idea of the Month

Room for another!

With the modern way of building and garden fashions, many of the nooks and crevices that our wildlife used have gone.

To help these creatures, why not make a home for nature.  Bird boxes, bat boxes, hedgehog homes and insect houses are all fairly easy to make and plans of how to make them can be found on the internet.

You don’t have to stick to traditional, be creative.  Hedgehog homes could be a large upturned flowerpot or an old washing up bowl with a door cut in the side.  Insect houses or hotels can be made out of literally anything, for example, an old 1 litre bottle with the large end cut off and then stuffed fall of twigs or bamboo, hanging from a bush.

What ever you make, it will make you feel proud when you see wildlife move in.

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