14th July 2019 - Moth Morning

Around the outside lights and on bathroom windows in the evening, moths are mysterious creatures who inhabit the murky world of bats and owls. We have more species of Moths on the Roseland than we do Butterflies, loads more, but we know very little about them. There are strange people on the Roseland who put out lights at night with crates filled with used egg boxes to trap the moths and then record them in the early hours of the morning before letting them go. Why do they do it ? What do they find ? How many do they catch ? Would you like to see for yourself the amazing camouflage that moths adopt to turn themselves into twigs, leaves and bug-eyed monsters to avoid capture. Would you like to ask all the questions you have always had about moths and see if you can get the answers. Wild Roseland are giving you the opportunity to meet with some of these strange people who will share with you their Saturday nights catch on the morning of Sunday 14th July between 0900 and 11.30. at Veryan Parish Hall


14th July 2019 - 9 am to 11.30 am - Veryan Parish hall