Habitat Survey

Wild Roseland now has a far greater understanding of the extent and quality of the woodland in our area thanks to woodland surveys undertaken by some of our members. 

The Wild Roseland Natural Habitats project managed by Graham Webb aims to recognise,  value and celebrate  the diverse habitats that are found on the Roseland .  

Over the summer Wild Roseland supporters Allayne Bowditch, Pauling Goodman, Rachel Lytham and Alison Golding worked with Graham to survey fifty woodlands on the Roseland in the Parishes of Philleigh, Ruan Lanihorne, St Just and Veryan. Their aim was to check the accuracy of Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s interpretation of aerial photographs to determine the extent of woodland on the Roseland. The findings of the survey have been presented in the Woodland Habitat Ground Truthing Report.  Report 

One of the conclusions of the report is that there are significant benefits to this type of ground truthing exercise including increased awareness of local habitats and the causes of their change. 

Wild Roseland would like to continue this work looking at all of the habitats on the Roseland.  

Future ground truthing work looking at natural and semi-natural grasslands and other habitats can follow a similar path. 

The task requires volunteer surveyors either with knowledge of wild flowers and grasses or prepared to be trained to be able to identify key flora species.

We shall be discussing with the Wildlife Trust how best this can be achieved and asking our supporters to offer their time.